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Bored Piles

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles

Installing piles without vibration. CFA piles are the most common cast in-situ piles used in Jersey because they are quick, cheap and particularly suited to the local ground conditions.

CFA piles are drilled and concreted in one continuous operation enabling much faster installation time than for bored piles. Reinforcement is placed into the wet concrete after casting, enabling the pile to resist the full range of structural loading. CFA enables rigs to place concrete below groundwater level so eliminating the need for casing.

There are several advantages to using the CFA piling method, including:

  • Very low levels of sound and vibration.

  • Faster installation compared to conventional bored piles.

  • High load-bearing, shear and moment capacities.

  • Ideal for Jersey ground conditions.

  • Adaptable to headroom and confined space.

Amplus computerised monitoring of the boring and concreting sequence results in the reliability and uniformity of production making CFA piles amongst the most monitored and predictable foundation elements in use.


Amplus offers a full-range of mini-piling services using rotary percussive, down-the-hole hammer and augers.

The diameter, depth of mini-piles and need for casing are determined by ground conditions and the size of the rig that can access the location.